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suhel_seth's Journal

28 May
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Suhel Seth is the Managing Partner of Counselage India, a New Delhi-based branding consultancy. Suhel is a regular speaker at business, marketing and advertising industry events on commercial and social trends for the Indian consumer. He has published several papers on this topic, including "The Changing Indian Consumer." Suhel has recently been commissioned by Penguin India to write a book tentatively titled The Indian Mindset.

Suhel has several passions: he is a regular speaker at industry meets; is a lecturer at various Indian Institutes of Management. Suhel also writes provocative columns in Business India, GQ magazine, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hindustan Times and The Indian Express on current affairs and the social landscape of India. Suhel has co-authored two books on Calcutta with Khushwant Singh and R K Laxman. Suhel was also the Keynote Speaker at the Indian Advertising Congress in 1998. Suhel has also been a speaker at all Marketing Summits organised by CII and was the Chairman of the Marketing Summits for 2005, 2006 and 2007 and 2008.

Suhel has published several papers on `The changing Indian Consumer': Suhel has also written extensively on the impact of advertising and its linkages to societal influences such as religion and culture. In February 2002, Suhel’s first book `In your face’ was published.