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March 12th, 2009


By suhel_seth on Mar. 12th, 2009

For all those who think this is going to be titillating, think again. I am not discussing Bollywood or for that matter the famous shenanigans of some famous Indians caught on tape in compromising positions with some Miss India from Canada: this is a simple treatise on the on-going bed-swapping amongst political parties and the repercussions this nation will experience as we go along.

In the past few weeks enough has been written about the next elections will have no winners:

they will have rag-tag alliances which will come together as they always do, just to taste power and make some quick money while the going is good. Given what one sees around oneself, it is difficult to imagine how on earth the Jayalalithas of the world will ever go to bed with the Communists but then before one could express shock, there was that mushy shot of P K Vaiko offering a glass of fresh juice to Jaya so that she could then resume eating and not bother about Tamil deaths in Sri Lanka. Positions in politics change faster than on a football field. There seem to be no ideological domains within which any of these people are functioning and what makes matters worse, is the voter is incidental to the process or perhaps even to the outcome.


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