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The worst thing I have heard over the last few decades is we must do something about thesize of our population. More and more economists will tell you the sheer size of India makesit unviable on many fronts be it social development or for that matter on the sociologicalplatform. But I completely disagree and it is time we are honest with ourselves. Honest to admit we have very few people and we need more. To stop worrying about population planning and instead focusing on adding more children so that we can wreck their futures just a little bit more:

Here are 7 reasons why we need to increase our size: all these are logical and present apressing and clear danger if we don't:

  1. As I write this, the country has no Finance Minister, no Information and Broadcasting Minister and no Coal Minister: some of the ones we have are not even worth mentioning such as the Telecom joker and the Surface Transport rogue: now not having a Finance Minister when the country is going through its worst crisis spells the need for more people because obviously Manmohan Singh finds it hard to find one decent guy for the job and it is obvious that there are not enough good men.
  2. When Maharashtra went through the horrible tragedy of 26/11, they had one Chief Minister who was on Kerala while the Deputy Chief Minister who is also the Home Minister was either in his village or just not  there. The then Chief Minister arrived in Bombay to never be seen until he surfaced with a B-grade actor and a worse film director taking advantage of terror tourism. Our country's Dear Leader, Sonia Gandhi could not sack that rascal Vilasrao Deshmukh for the next few days since there was no replacement for him. Maharashtra has a population of 12 million and they could not find one competent man to replace Deshmukh. But then perhaps they were not looking for a competent man. In any event, we did not find someone who could fill that vacuum and the state was headless through its worst crisis
  3. The average age of the Union Cabinet is 62. The average age of the country is 23. We don't have enough old men and women who are either competent or fit which is why the Ministry which is supposed to look after the youth, the HRD ministry is headed by a guy who is in a wheelchair; is almost always ill and is certainly mentally sick: Arjun Singh. Yet another reason why India needs to expand its population!
  4. Four or five heroes dominate the film industry and every hit revolves around one of these blokes. For a country that has so many people, we are unable to find younger heroes which suits the heroines just as well since they can now age without any fear since there is no point in having Hema Malini playing a role opposite Akshay Kumar when Rani Mukherjee can herself do that job without any murmur. Then look around at the film directors and you will agree with what I mean. Dev Anand is still evergreen whatever evergreen means. Yash Chopra is the youngest and the most energetic and the really young ones are dismissed as one-hit wonders which is why Subhash Ghai has stopped counting the flops he's delivered
  5. Look at the sports arena: here too we have a paucity of talent. Suresh Kalmadi continues to run the IOA: almost into the ground; then you have KPS Gill with the hockey federation doing just the same.  V K Malhotra, who is a member of Parliament runs some other silly sports federation and there seem to be not enough clean, bright people to run these places which is why yet again, the need to grow our population.
  6. The average age of Chief Ministers in India is 67. Yes, you read right, 67. The average age of the Lok Sabha is 59. The average age of the Rajya Sabha is 66. And then you wonder why these jokers can never get it right when they deliberate about our future. The truth is they have no stake in it so why should they care?
  7. Almost every public institution worth its salt is run by retired people: be it the IRDA, SEBI,RBI, NSC, IGNOU and the list can just go on and on….that is because these retired people can't find enough young people to replace them: yet another reason why we need a better and bigger populace…So the next time someone plays a cruel joke on you by telling you that we are a young country: agree and then quietly rattle off the above statistics: the same argument would hold true for anyone suggesting we reduce our population…


razifarhan wrote:
Jan. 19th, 2009 07:05 pm (UTC)
hey suhel I agree with your reasoning but the fact that u brought to our light could not be solved by increasing our population but by increasing the standard of the people or making the people worth it. U very well analyzed average age of ministers and others but the fact that till the time the young ones or the ones u aim at don't become responsible , then how are we going to assign them good positions.

Also I blame Govt. for it because u see all the ministers , now see the cricketers who retire at the ages of like 35-40 , they should give chance to others.It's not that young ones don;t have potential they have but the ones who are on top positions don't allow them in.